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  • May 12, 2015
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Giving back to the Community

The amazing support of our generous 15,000 volunteers across Queensland who offer a few hours a week or even just once a month, give Queenslanders with a wide variety of support needs the ultimate gift share link – the ability to live in their own homes where most are happiest and maintain a degree of independence and dignity.

While many retirees are active in our formidable volunteer family – and ‘family’ is what it becomes – the face of volunteering is as diverse as our clients. We have teenagers keen to do something for others, families who enjoy the focus of sharing a meaningful activity together, and business people who realise there is life outside the office.

Helping enhance lives is what it’s all about. While on the surface, it may appear our clients are the ones who gain most from the service, it is clear from volunteer feedback, that nfl jersey for sale cheap they gain a great deal of satisfaction from their involvement.

How to get involved

Volunteers may fill many roles from being drivers, delivering meals into people’s homes, assisting in community kitchens or in transportation of clients to a community centre to enjoy a meal along with other social activities. Others may be able to provide office skills helping set up databases, writing newsletters or preparing promotional flyers for events. The possibilities are endless. No matter what an individual can offer, every bit of help adds up to a happier and healthier community. The generosity of our volunteers, who give their time to help cook in the kitchens, drive the cars, and deliver the meals, means we are able to provide a vital service at an economical price.

To get involved contact us on 3408 1721 – to see how helping hands and a big heart can make life a little brighter for a lot of people.

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